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Zuckerberg: Facebook in ‘arms race’ against electoral interference

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Zuckerberg: Facebook in 'arms race' against electoral interference

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told the BBC that preventing electoral interference is an "arms race" against countries like Russia, Iran and China.

He admitted that the company was "late" in the 2016 US presidential election.

In his first broadcast interview in the UK in five years, he said Facebook was not prepared for state-sponsored interference in 2016.

But he added that the company was confident that it had learned its lessons.

Facebook was previously involved in a political scandal in which tens of millions of user data ended up in the hands of political interest groups, including Cambridge Analytica.

However, he said the social media giant, which also has WhatsApp and Instagram, is now better prepared than other companies and even governments to prevent future attempts to influence political outcomes.

"Countries will continue to try to interfere and we will see issues like this, but we have learned a lot since 2016 and I feel very confident that we will be able to protect the integrity of the next elections."

Regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Zuckerberg said that while Facebook has and can remove any content that could result in "immediate damage" to users, it will not interrupt groups that claim the infection was sponsored by the state or linked to the launch of the new 5G digital. network.

Facebook overturned a claim by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that scientists "proved" that there was a cure for coronavirus.

"Obviously, this is not true, so we knocked it out. It doesn't matter who says it."

However, he insisted that, unless there was a possibility of imminent harm, Facebook would allow and should allow what he called "the widest possible openness" to free speech on the internet.

Zuckerberg also defended his level of personal control over the world's most powerful media platforms.

Although Facebook is a public company worth almost $ 700 billion (£ 574 billion), it ends up exercising total individual control thanks to a shareholder structure that gives it a controlling stake, despite having a small fraction of the shares.

He said he allowed Facebook to make long-term strategic decisions that proved to be correct, such as waiting to improve the Facebook experience before launching it on smartphones and not running out early for rivals.

"If it had been different, we would have sold it to Yahoo years ago and who knows what would have happened then."

Yahoo is now worth 1/20 of what Facebook is.

Facebook continues to face criticism for its reluctance to describe itself or define itself as an editor and therefore adopts the type of editorial responsibility to which traditional newspapers and broadcasters are legally bound.

However, it would be difficult to argue that Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram did not provide billions of people with the kind of connectivity with friends and family that was important during this global pandemic and the resulting restrictions on movement and freedom.

In fact, after many years of courting controversies and disagreements, it seems clear that Facebook and Zuckerberg are feeling more confident about their public roles.

If there are winners in this public health emergency, digital companies like Facebook, Netflix and Amazon are among them.

However, no one is entirely immune to the deep crisis that is already upon us and whose evidence is confirmed with each new economic release.

Facebook knows this and is one of the reasons he wants to help small businesses online through this week’s launch of a service called Facebook Shops.

It is a mutually beneficial exchange. These companies are Facebook's current and future customers. What's good for them is good for Facebook.


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