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Why movie about Richthofen is absurd and those of foreign serial killers are …

by ace
Why movie about Richthofen is absurd and those of foreign serial killers are ...

One of the main news stories around the internet today (18) was the preview of what will be the movie inspired by the story of Suzane Von Richthofen, starring Carla Diaz. With this, many people began to share their opinions about the launch, which should happen in 2019.

The discussion became one of the most talked about on Twitter and bore the name of one of the most famous serial killers in the world: Ted Bundy, whose psychological profile is portrayed in at least three current plots: in the Netflix documentary series, the long feature film starring Zac Efron and the Mindhunter series.

Some people used social networking to criticize a crime-inspired feature film:

I wonder what is the need to make a Suzane Richtofen movie. Probably none.

– Matheus (@matdemarco) September 18, 2019

There were even people asking the president to veto the movie:

@jairbolsonaro vetoes Suzane Richtofen movie

– Bolsonaro 2022 (@ Bolsonaro202215) September 16, 2019

But then a question arises:

the curious case of brazilians marathoning american crime story, mindhunter, ted bundy and dozens of other documentaries of american killers BUT find a movie about suzane von richthofen disrespect

– keven (@douctorstrange) September 18, 2019

Why is it absurd on one side and glamorized on the other?

the Brazilians: "oh how horrible to make the suzane von richthofen movie"

also brazilians: hail ted bundy documentary and many american killer movies pic.twitter.com/ZTePpXTtxl

– dri (@prattwatts) September 18, 2019

There are those who have nomenclature for this:

Brazilian with Bitch Syndrome Documentary Ted Bundy May Movie by Suzane von Richthofen Naooo

– andre ?, the procastinator (@arctmankeys) September 18, 2019

The check comes along with the critical acclaim:

Killer Movies:

Ted Bundy – The Irresistible Face of Evil: OK
Zodiac: OK
Desire Killer: OK

Suzane von Richthofen Movie: I DON'T WAIT THAT ABSURD

– jorge (@oyafuso) September 18, 2019

There are also arguments on the side that considers the Suzane movie absurd:

Just me who is against making movies telling the story of psychopaths?

"Ah, but in the US they are always making this kind of movie"

Yes, and that is precisely why Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and other figures have seen pop culture icons there and have so many fans.

Suzane already has too many fans.

– Manuela (@Manumentto) September 18, 2019

Although some of them are proven to be fake news, as the example that the accused would receive for the production:

This is even an idea that serves as an argument for many people:

Just don't put public money to make the movie that nobody complains about.

– Leo Sanchez (@ Leodossantos06) September 18, 2019

Who is afraid she will become a celebrity:

I think people are afraid to make suzane a "celebrity" and that the money in the movie goes to her I don't know if that happens to the other movies or series

– them who fight (@Laribixa) September 18, 2019

After all, is it worth to honor productions like this one of Brazilian cinema?

I don't understand the controversy about the Suzane Richthofen movie. We watch Zodiac, Ted Bundy, Monster.
If it is a good production and well told, you have to go to the movies to watch the Brazilians too.

– Dudu (@Dudu) September 18, 2019


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