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Who is Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves's Girlfriend

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Who is Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves's Girlfriend

Keanu Reeves is discreet in his private life and does not usually expose details of novels. But last Saturday, he appeared holding hands on a red carpet with his girlfriend, artist Alexandra Grant.

Reeves is 55 and is in big time with his John Wick movie series and the upcoming Matrix comeback. Grant, 46, is an American of Jewish origin and works with sculptures, paintings, drawings and videos.

Keanu Reeves and alleged girlfriend Alexandra Grant holding hands on the red carpet in LA

Image: Getty Images

Born in Fairview Park, Ohio, Grant is based in the city of Los Angeles. According to El País, she has lived in Mexico, France and Spain. Her first major screening took place right at L.A. In 2007, she directed the documentary Taking Lena Home in 2015, which tells the story of a stolen grave inside the United States.

Reeves and Grant are old acquaintances. In 2011, they made a project together, the book Ode to Happiness, written by the actor and illustrated by her. The book brings together Reeves' poems, made almost as a joke to a friend, according to The Guardian. They also worked together, according to the 2017 Vulture website, in the book Shadows, in which she photographed him during the filming of John Wick. The duo still work together at publisher X Artists' Books.

The actor appears in several posts by Alexandra, in book promotional events, but it was not known, until they appeared hand in hand, of a deeper relationship.

Via @librairiedupalaisdetokyo ————————— Last Friday at @librairiedupalaisdetokyo, Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves read from Alexandra's book 'The Artist's Prison', published by their publishing house X Artists' Books. Available in Europe exclusively at our bookstore @xartistsbooks, "The Artists' Prison," "High Winds," "Ajenas Words," and "(Zus)". Thank you Alexandra Grant, Jessica Fleischmann, Benoit & Valerie Fougeirol, & Keanu Reeves for sharing this adventure with us. #jessicafleischmann #benoitfougeirol #alexandragrant #keanureeves #xartistsbooks #lalibrairiedupalaisdetokyo #palaisdetokyo #bookrelease #booksigning #contemporaryart #paris #losangeles

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