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Wenger considering job offer: ‘The devil is still in there’

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Arsene Wenger Arsenal

Date Posted: Saturday 5th October 2019 1:28

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed that he is considering a job offer from FIFA, but that would not prevent him from completing a return to the administration.

The Frenchman has been unemployed since leaving Gunners in May 2018 after spending 22 years in the Premier League club.

In an interview with beIN Sports, 69-year-old Wenger confirmed that he is considering accepting a role at FIFA after admitting that the international body should continue to "improve the rules of the game".

He said, "I just want to share what I have learned and return it to the game in a different way. Not sure if I would also stop training, because the devil is still there. But I have to see," I like it. ? & Can I be efficient?

“What would I be dealing with? Efficiency in training after the career potential of players and educating them to have potential jobs after the career of a soccer player.

"We forget that the drama of a football player is that he reaches the top and, at 34, is a young man, and then, bye, it's over." I think there is enough to do there to help players come back and help develop football. "


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