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US Army Warns Troops of Possible Violent Attacks in Sessions

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US Army Warns Troops of Possible Violent Attacks in Sessions

The United States Army is on alert for the release of the movie Joker, starring Joaquim Phoenix. The warning is for potential violent attacks that can be stimulated by production.

A memo was sent to several military bases warning of possible incitement to violence caused by the film.

There were no reports or allegations related to the character, but the Army confirmed that it was warned by the FBI of social media posts referring to violent attacks during the film's screenings.

The FBI calls these suspects incel. The term incel is short for the expression "involuntary celibates", or involuntary celibates. These are men who cannot have sex and love and blame women and sexually active men for it and who participate in numerous internet forums.

The memo says that these individuals "idolize violent figures like the Aurora (Colorado) movie shooter" and also the Batman villain. "We want our teams prepared and due diligence on and off the ground," the Army says.

The association of family members of the Colorado sniper victims in 2012 during a session of the movie Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, sent a letter to Warner Bros. expressing concern about the movie.

In a statement, the studio stated that the film "does not endorse real-world violence" nor is it "the intention of the film, the filmmakers or the studio to maintain this character as a hero."

The studio also mentioned that "it has a long history of giving to victims of violence, including Aurora, and in recent weeks, our parent company has teamed up with other business leaders to invite policymakers to pass legislation to address this epidemic. "

The Joker opens in theaters on October 3.


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