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Understand the risks of changing your Xbox One region

by ace
Understand the risks of changing your Xbox One region

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Understand the risks of changing your Xbox One region:

We’ve talked a lot about Microsoft’s policies on using Xbox Live. However, there are always doubts, given the ambiguity with which everything was worded.

While there is really nothing to fear if you are not making fraudulent or harmful use of Microsoft, it is always good for people linked to Microsoft to reassure the masses.

And that’s what happened with TC Octus, community manager for The Coalition and the Gears of War franchise. The community manager has been responding to some concerns from users on Twitter from his account.

I put you in the background. As many of you already know, many people have moved from the region to New Zealand to be able to play Gears 5 before.

Something a priori is not very important, although it seems that the number was higher than average.

The problem with this whole story is not that people change regions to play before, the real problem is that, since it’s not a Microsoft-supported app, many users have found that some skins were not available or that some modes didn’t work. At this, Octus answered.

Changing regions is not an officially supported activity. We are seeing other people in similar situations who have done the same. Cheating on the system is at your own risk. We are investigating independently.

However, do not panic. Octus doesn’t talk about bans or anything, it merely refers to changing the region to play before, because it can have consequences like the ones I mentioned and that Microsoft is not responsible for that.

I didn’t say it was bannable, but it’s moving to a region where you don’t live. It is not officially compatible, so you can expect results that you would not get if they were consistent.

Content must be unlocked precisely when it reaches your local, regional zone.

Similarly, changing regions is a method allowed by Microsoft; although officially they don’t support you if you play it before. However, you may lose (or gain) benefits if the content you release differs from your region.

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