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UN to investigate human rights violations in Venezuela

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UN to investigate human rights violations in Venezuela

The UN Human Rights Council has decided to move towards the urgent establishment of an "independent international commission" to investigate human rights violations in Venezuela since 2014.

The resolution, proposed by the Lima Group (composed of countries from Latin America and Canada) and supported by the European Union, was adopted by the body by 19 votes to seven, with 21 abstentions.

The commission "will investigate extrajudicial executions, forced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment since 2014" that have taken place in Venezuela, the resolution said.

The results of the investigation will be presented to the Human Rights Council in a year's time, he says.

On Tuesday, the UN announced that it had signed an agreement with Venezuela to increase human rights cooperation and opening of a permanent office in that country.

The human rights situation in Venezuela has been strongly criticized by UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, who recently lamented the torture and arbitrary detention still in Venezuela.

Michelle Bachelet has asked Caracas, so far unsuccessfully, to dismantle the Special Action Forces (FAES, an elite National Police body established in 2017), accused by the UN of carrying out extrajudicial executions.

The "cooperation document" signed by the United Nations and Venezuela is valid for one year and "provides a basis for further dialogue with a view to the future conclusion of an agreement to establish a office of the High Commissioner in Venezuela," the agency explained. human rights defender.

According to the document, Venezuela accepts the "permanent presence" of two UN High Commissioners officials and promises to allow United Nations specialists to access detention centers and move freely throughout the country.

The agreement also aims to "improve the protection and promotion of human rights through a series of new measures", such as strengthening national human rights protection mechanisms, and facilitating visits by UN special observers over the next two years.

Venezuela has been going through a deep political crisis for several months, with the struggle between President Nicolas Maduro and the opponent Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim President and was recognized as such by about 50 countries.

The country is also facing a serious economic crisis, reinforced by an oil embargo and financial sanctions imposed by Washington.

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