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Uber to launch taxi service in São Paulo

by ace

By Peter Frontini

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Uber will launch a new feature in the city of São Paulo that will allow passengers to take taxi trips through its app, the company said on Thursday.

The Uber Taxi will allow taxi drivers accredited by the city to register on the platform and will follow the category tariff table, with the value of each race being calculated by the drivers’ meter. Initially only digital payments will be accepted, according to Uber.

With the launch, scheduled for next month, São Paulo becomes the second city in Latin America to have the service, after Santiago, in Chile, received the Uber Taxi last month. In all, 22 cities in the world already have the resource.

The new racing mode reflects the company’s expansion into other types of services. This year, Uber implemented in São Paulo an integration with the city’s public transport, in addition to supermarket and object and document delivery services.

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