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Turkey begins ground operation against Kurds in Syria. There are at least 15 …

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Turkey begins ground operation against Kurds in Syria. There are at least 15 ...

Turkish troops began a ground operation in northeastern Syria on Wednesday night against Kurdish forces, the Defense Ministry said.

The starting shot of the military operation had been fired during the afternoon when Turkish planes attacked targets of the YPG Kurdish movement.

The Ankara Armed Forces say they have reached 181 installations since the start of the northeastern Syrian raid.

According to the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia, one of the targets hit was a prison where elements of the Islamic State terrorist group were being held without further details.

Turkey, for its part, pledged to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday that the military operation will be "proportionate, measured and accountable".

At least 15 killed in Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria

At least 15 people, including eight civilians, died on Wednesday during the Turkish offensive against Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH) said.

After Trump announcement, Turkey bombs northeast Syria

Among the fatalities, two were reported in an artillery strike against the predominantly Kurdish city of Al-Qamishli, the OSDH points out.

According to OSDH, 40 people were injured during the Turkish offensive.

The operation comes after US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of US troops stationed in northwestern Syria.

Turkey's military operation against Kurdish forces stationed in northeastern Syria is a "bad idea" and would not garner US support, US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday. The European Union has already demanded that Turkey cease the attacks immediately.

The United Nations Security Council will meet in emergency on Thursday to discuss Turkey's military operation.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is "very concerned" about the situation in northern Syria and argues that "any military operation must respect the UN Charter and international humanitarian law."

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