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Trump comes out in defense of the lawyer in the Ukrainian case: "There is a witch hunt"

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Trump comes out in defense of the lawyer in the Ukrainian case: "There is a witch hunt"

The US President came out on Saturday in defense of his lawyer Rudolph Giuliani, who is deeply involved in the Ukrainian case that led to Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry in Congress.

Rudolph Giuliani is under investigation by the federal prosecutor in New York, according to today's issue of The New York Times, citing two sources reporting suspicions that Trump's lawyer has violated laws designed to prevent foreign countries from influence national policy.

"They are now attacking the legendary 'crime hunter' and the best mayor in New York history, Rudy Giuliani," Donald Trump wrote in his personal Twitter account today, without saying who he was referring to. the "them".

"Sometimes he can look a little rough, but he is also a good person and a wonderful lawyer. There is a skewed witch hunt in the United States… Shameful," complained the Republican President.

Rudolph Giuliani, 75, the US President's personal lawyer, has been involved from the outset in the Ukrainian case, which led the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives to initiate an investigation into the dismissal of Donald Trump.

Trump is accused of abusing his duties for trying to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate activities with a Ukrainian company by the son of Joe Biden, former vice president and current political opponent of the northern president. -American.

Giuliani's situation was further undermined when the arrest of two businessmen very close to Trump's lawyer, accused of violating the campaign finance law, was arrested on Wednesday.

According to the prosecution, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman pledged to raise funds for a congressional elected official, asking him to convince the US Government to remove from that post the then US Ambassador to Ukraine, who was questioning the way of asking the Ukrainian Government to assist in investigating Joe Biden's son.

In a July 25 call with the Ukrainian President, who triggered the impeachment inquiry, Trump criticized the ambassador, who this week said she was dismissed for lack of political confidence.

Donald Trump said Friday he did not know the detained businessmen, advising journalists to ask questions about them with their lawyer Rudolph Giuliani.

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