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Trump calls Trudeau "hypocrite" and cancels press conference

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Trump calls Trudeau "hypocrite" and cancels press conference

Today at 14:54, updated at 15:26

Donald Trump on Wednesday accused the Canadian Prime Minister of "having two faces" after Justin Trudeau was caught by television microphones criticizing the US president, along with other leaders, at the start of a US summit. BORN.

A Canadian television station caught the sound of Justin Trudeau's informal conversation with other leaders – including French President Emmanuel Macron, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – where Prime Minister The Canadian minister criticized the "very long" duration of Trump's press conference at the start of the summit during a reception.

Having learned of this episode, Trump commented to reporters that Justin Trudeau is a hypocrite, "has two faces, is good type … but that's how he is."

The US president has even canceled his press conference at the end of the summit, which ends in London on Wednesday, saying he thinks he has given "enough press conferences."

Boris Jonhson downplayed as "nonsense" the controversy over an informal mocking conversation with other leaders about US President Donald Trump, reaffirming the "precious" US role in NATO.

Asked by journalists at a conference following the leaders' meeting in Watford, outside London, the British prime minister considered the controversy "nonsense" and underlined the importance of the United States, including during the current administration.

"The US is the guarantor, a major contributor to NATO, for 70 years that has been a pillar of stability for our collective security," he said, recalling the solidarity shown with the United Kingdom last year when he expelled Russian diplomats in retaliation. for the chemical attack on Salisbury against a former secret agent, Sergei Skripal.

In the conversation between leaders that provoked this episode, during a reception offered by the Queen of Isabel II to the leaders of 29 NATO countries, one can hear Trudeau saying that Trump's own aides were "jaw-dropping" when they realized that in the end of "more than 40 minutes" the US President had not yet finished his press conference.


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