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Trudeau and Singh’s campaign paths collide, yet to speak about blackface

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Trudeau and Singh's campaign paths collide, yet to speak about blackface

OTTAWA – Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh have not yet connected so Trudeau can personally apologize to his opponent for photos and a video of him in blackface and brownface.

Both leaders are in the Vancouver area today. Trudeau started in Burnaby, B.C., which is Singh's house, and will hold a rally in Surrey, B.C. tonight. Singh will land in Burnaby later today for a town hall. It is yet to be established whether the two campaigns will be able to agree on the terms of the conversation in time.

Asked about today's conversation, Trudeau said the two leaders' offices are "working together to coordinate" what would be a closed-door conversation outside the light of the national campaign.

Late last week, while taking steps to resume his campaign, Trudeau called for a meeting with Singh so he could speak directly with him, as Trudeau had been doing in phone calls with community leaders and their candidates.

Singh said that although Trudeau has expressed "desire to talk", it will have to be a private conversation because the NDP leader is not interested in being used "as a tool in his dismissal" or as part of the liberal public relations campaign after the NDP. controversy.

First, there were the 2001 Trudeau photos at the private school's "Arabian Nights" themed dinner, where Trudeau dressed in Aladdin with dark makeup on his face, neck, and hands. So Trudeau admitted dressing for his high school talent show, where he played Jamaican folk music "Day-O," and the day after the liberal campaign confirmed that a video from the early 1990s was also Trudeau, shown again. wearing blackface and waving his arms. After the video came out, Trudeau said it was part of a "fantasy day" in a summer job he had.

Trudeau is still facing questions from reporters about the clothes he wore in the video, but offers no new comments or details. In Monday they asked him exactly what the suit was.. Trudeau replied that he was being "open" with the Canadians and reaffirmed that he was wrong, but did not talk about the suit.

On Tuesday, Trudeau was asked how he could say he was still being open about the incidents, without commenting directly on them when asked. Trudeau said he understood the question before stating, "Let me make it very, very clear, there is no situation where it is appropriate. The racist history of blackface goes wrong in any situation, under any circumstances. I did not know. I should have, and I take responsibility for that. "



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