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Telling my players they are ‘sh*t’ won’t solve anything – Poch

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Mauricio Pochettino Jan Vertonghen Tottenham

Mauricio Pochettino says he needs to "share" responsibility for defeat with players, rather than saying they are "sh * t".

The Spurs went into crisis this season after winning just three of their first 11 games and a week of terror saw them beat Bayern Munich 7-2 in the Champions League with a 3-0 defeat at Brighton on Saturday.

Pochettino – who led the club to the Champions League final just five months ago – has had to defend his position, insisting he does not fear the serve.

On how to change things, Pochettino said: “The team has lost confidence. We have to work to earn that trust again.

“We talked to the players. We tell them that we lose by mistakes, but we should try to forget them.

“The best way to help the player is not to tell him that he did shit.

"You can't hide. You have to share the responsibility.

Speaking at a conference in Qatar, Pochettino added: “We at Tottenham work as a team.

“After two major defeats we have suffered, we have to think about the future.

“You have to regain the emotional level. When you are at the top, you feel you must respond to dignity.

“Football is born in the heart. Our responsibility is to be a guardian of this, not to forget.

“You need to help players get motivated. But how can you motivate yourself after the Champions League? I say: ‘Are we professionals? Or not? "

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