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Syrian army deploys troops to protect Kurds from Turkish incursion

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Syrian army deploys troops to protect Kurds from Turkish incursion

The Syrian army will send troops to the northeast of the country to stop Turkey's offensive against the Kurds, which has killed more than two hundred people and more than 120,000 displaced people.

The news was advanced Sunday by the Kurdish leadership, quoted by Reuters, following an agreement with the Russian-mediated government of Bashar al-Assad.

Damascus regime forces will support the Syrian Democratic Forces, led by the Kurds, Western allies in the fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Syrian government troops will be deployed to the border area, notably to two cities in Turkey's sights: Kobani and Manbij.

The Kurdish leadership hopes it will be sufficient to stop "this aggression and free the areas where the Turkish army and its mercenaries have entered."

The news comes from the day US President Donald Trump ordered US troops to leave the region immediately for security reasons and announced the application of "severe sanctions" against Turkey.

"I am negotiating with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and other members of Congress, including Democrats, to impose severe sanctions on Turkey. The Treasury Department is prepared," Donald Trump wrote in his personal Twitter account today. .

The United States had earlier withdrew the contingent in northeastern Syria earlier this week, opening the door to Turkey's military operation, which considers Kurdish forces terrorist groups.

"I renew the call to sincerely engage in the path of dialogue"

Macron calls for an end to Turkey offensive

French President Emmanuel Macron told his Turkish counterparts Tayyip Erdogan and the United States in telephone conversations this Sunday that the Turkish offensive must stop immediately and could trigger a humanitarian crisis.

"We have a common desire for this offensive to end. This offensive risks creating an unsustainable humanitarian situation and helping the resurgence of the Islamic State," said Macron alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Family of the Islamic State on the run

Hundreds of relatives of terrorists from the self-proclaimed Islamic State fled a camp in northeastern Syria following Turkey's operation against the Kurdish forces.

The detainees took advantage of fighting in the region to attack the gates of Ain Issa camp and fled, the Kurdish official quoted by the BBC said.

Kurdish authorities say about 800 relatives of jihadists have managed to escape, but a group following the situation in the region is speaking in a hundred.

Turkey's military operation has killed more than 200 people since Wednesday in northeastern Syria, including 52 civilians.

The conflict threatens to provoke a humanitarian crisis in the region. According to the UN, more than 130,000 people fled their homes due to fighting.

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