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Student breaks into school in Brazil and injures two classmates

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Student breaks into school in Brazil and injures two classmates

A teenager broke into a school on Thursday in the municipality of Caraí, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, and shot two students whose health is stable, according to local media.

According to the Minas Gerais State Secretary of Education, the shooter is a student at Orlando Tavares State School, an educational institution where the shooting took place, which reached the school perimeter through a wall at 8 am local time (11 am in mainland Portugal). ), starting the shots.

"According to the direction of the school unit, the two shots were fired by a student from the institution who did not report to school today, jumped the wall of the armed school and fired the shots," said a statement from the Secretary of State for Education.

The note, quoted by the G1 news portal, added that "the school board immediately called the Military Police and the two injured students were taken to the hospital."

Military Police said the 17-year-old gunman was arrested at the crime scene, as was another teenager suspected of taking part in the action.

As for the injured students, one was shot in the hand and the other with a bullet in the neck and sent to a hospital in the neighboring town of Padre Paraiso, according to Caraí Mayor Heber Gomes Neiva.

In a statement, the hospital board said the two teenagers were stable and one of them received a blood transfusion and was awaiting transfer to another health facility.

In addition to a firearm, the young man was accompanied by a bladed weapon, which was eventually seized by the authorities.

Classes were suspended at the Orlando Tavares State School today, and are expected to resume on Friday.

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