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Startup uses sensors to make machines safer in industries

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Safety in industries with heavy machinery has to be very strict. Curitiba's startup HeroBy develops sensors for telemetry (remote data measurement) of this type of machine, which helps bring more innovation and quality to plant safety.

HeroBy offers three types of sensors: receivers, for vehicles with people interaction; transmitters, installed on badge holders, helmets and waistcoats to interact with receivers; and on-board transmitters, in helmets, cones and track marks.

Sensors create safety zones around machines and hazardous areas during work operations, thus generating real-time warnings about hazards.

"Our sensors have three functions: transmitting information, processing these signals and turning everything into data and analysis of these events," explains Marcelo Figueiral, the company's operations manager.

In addition, there is the online platform where the customer can track everything that is generated by the sensors. You can access data graphically or in spreadsheets, view rankings, sensor battery charge, enable and disable equipment, and more.

The company plans to launch road applications to protect local workers by the end of the year.

The idea of ​​the company came about when its founder, Octavio Oliveira, worked in a fertilizer multinational. One of the employees was operating the backhoe and during a maneuver of the equipment did not notice that there was a colleague nearby and ended up running him over.

A friend of Octavio gave the idea that there could be equipment that would alert and prevent these types of accidents. It was from there that the entrepreneur decided to develop sensors with IoT principles that generate visual and audible alerts during operation.

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