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Snowden's book causes waves on launch day. US moves forward with process …

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Snowden's book causes waves on launch day. US moves forward with process ...

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The US government has filed a lawsuit against Edward Snowden on Tuesday on the grounds that the computer systems analyst's new memoir, released simultaneously today in 20 countries, violates the confidentiality agreements the complainant has signed with the CIA and the NSA when they worked for these information agencies.

In the process, the US Department of Justice claims that Snowden violated these agreements by not sending a draft of the book to the two agencies prior to publication so that they could censor sensitive parties. It also argues that Snowden's public speeches on "espionage issues", including at the 2017 Estoril Conferences, violate those same agreements.

With this process, the United States does not want the book to be taken out of circulation before all proceeds from sales revert to the Government.

"The information collected [by intelligence agencies] should protect our nation, not for personal gain," said Zachary Terwilliger, US prosecutor in the eastern district of Virginia, where the process will now take place. "This process is intended to ensure that Edward Snowden does not receive any monetary benefits for violating the trust that has been placed in him."

Edward Snowden was catapulted into the spotlight in 2013 by revealing the existence of a worldwide communications and internet surveillance system created and secretly used by US intelligence agencies. Following the revelations, he was formally charged with espionage and state secrecy.

The computer systems analyst has been in exile in Russia ever since, and this week asked France to agree to grant her political asylum.

His new book, entitled "Mass Surveillance, Permanent Registration" in the Portuguese version, reached the escapades of 20 countries this Tuesday. In Portugal there is a Planet seal.




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