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Simon Baker of The Mentalist Quotes Messi for Instinct, Luck, and Success

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Simon Baker of The Mentalist Quotes Messi for Instinct, Luck, and Success

For over 20 years in the movie industry, actor Simon Baker has been one of the most recognizable faces in the world, a fact that, he says, turns him into a "lucky guy who follows his instinct" to be in the moment and the place. timely to advance in life.

Known to star in the series The Mentalist, the Australian gave an interview to Efe Agency on Sunday and said that for him, timing is a concept linked to luck. Still, to take advantage of the combination of momentum and opportunity, Baker says it is necessary to lead a life with optimism, not letting the mind be filled with negative thoughts.

After a long career in film, Baker made his directorial debut in 2017 with the feature Breath, based on Tim Winton's eponymous novel. The book chronicles the adolescence of two young people in Australia through their passion for surfing, a sport practiced by the actor.

"I was never a champion athlete. I was skilled, but never to reach the winner level, the top. I never had that commitment or determination," Baker said, but revealing a recent obsession: sports psychology.

For Baker, there are similarities between being an athlete and an actor, especially in terms of naturalness. "Champions put all their concentration, determination and detail on what they are doing at that time. They just have to rely on their skills, their instincts," he said.

As an example, the actor, who watched last Tuesday's Barcelona 2-1 win over Inter Milan by the Champions League, cited Argentine star Lionel Messi.

"When Messi is surrounded by four defenders and succeeds in completing the move, he is not thinking about the technique but about following his own nature," Baker said.

For The Mentalist's protagonist, when a person can discover this inner potential, he realizes that the "human mind is amazing." For this reason, Baker has sought to surround himself with such a group of people, who give him the "enough energy" to nurture his creative process as a professional.

Baker also accompanied in Barcelona the Jumping Nations Cup, organized by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), as "ambassador of elegance" of watchmaker Longines, a title he has carried since 2012. The company is responsible for the timing of the event.

"For me, being elegant is being authentic and comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes elegance can manifest itself in your way of being. At other times, it can be an aesthetic issue as well," said the actor.

A young surfer, Baker also revealed that he would like to have horses, but lacks time and space to put them in Australia. Also, the relationship with the animal was not always easy.

On some occasions as an actor, Baker was forced to mount, but not always had control of the situation. Laughing, he said he had to use his innate luck to avoid a fall.


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