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Scout book with solidarity objective: helping the Food Bank

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Scout book with solidarity objective: helping the Food Bank

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"Conversas e Escutas" is the name of the book whose total proceeds from its sale will revert to the Food Bank Against Hunger.

Partly written some time ago, Pedro Saraiva, the author of the work, ended up completing it during the period of social confinement he was subjected to as a physical education teacher.

Head of Grouping 900 of Monte Abraão, in the municipality of Sintra, explains that "in view of the growing difficulties caused by this national emergency, the idea of ​​this small contribution to the Food Bank came up."

The book, which is "a dialogue between the Chief Escuta and his Patrol Guide", addresses "a set of reflections on important things in our life, about values, about good and evil, about the eternal perfect world , about the precious legacy of the oldest, about eternity, for example ". Basically, "a set of themes that, in particular when working with young people, are always essential and always raise questions, doubts, discussions".

The book is on sale in eBook format with "an affordable price of € 4.50". Is available at Bertrand and also at Wook.

30 books have already been sold, but the objective is to sell many more, given "the purpose for which it is intended": this solidary cause of helping the Food Bank, "with which the Abraham Group 900 collaborates regularly", admits Pedro Saraiva . The author stresses that "already in this period of confinement, we have particularly helped, this more in the scope of the parish (Church of Nossa Senhora da Fé) to sort, unload and arrange the articles that arrive from the Food Bank to the church, for later be distributed ".

This will be another aid to the institution that has received more and more requests for food support. To the people who usually help, around 60 thousand more have been added, victims of the situation generated by this pandemic.

Who is Pedro Saraiva, Head of the 900 Group of Monte Abraão

Pedro Saraiva, 55 years old, Physical Education Teacher is also the Head of the 900 Group of Monte Abraão, in the municipality of Sintra.

It started in the Scouts "about 40 years ago" and recognizes that "the experience has been extraordinary".

In his opinion, "whoever is lucky to be able to take part, to be able to travel for a few years in Scouting and to be able to belong to a group, goes through a set of experiences that remain for life". Saraiva lists "experiences of camaraderie, of loyalty, experiences of service to others, of leadership. This is all a set of priceless experiences".

Pedro Saraiva also says that the National Scouting Body (CNE) "as a movement of the Catholic Church has in Scouting an exceptional instrument to carry out a pastoral based on experience. The experience of life in the field, the contact with nature, the fraternity between the Scouts, the community spirit that life and the patrol system makes possible, in fact, here constitutes a unique opportunity to have a true experience of God ".


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