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Sánchez says the Spanish want a government, not a blockade

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Sánchez says the Spanish want a government, not a blockade

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez returned to the Spanish parliament on Saturday to try to get enough support to form a government.

In a speech calling for support from the MPs, the PSOE leader said that after years of failing to form a stable government, it is not Spain that will break.

“Spain will not break. The Constitution will not break. What is going to break is the blockade of the progressive government democratically elected by the Spaniards, ”said Sánchez, who heads a coalition with the extreme left-wing Somos.

This is Pedro Sánchez's third attempt to form a government.

The first vote is reserved for Sunday, and Sánchez will need an absolute majority, or 176 votes in his favor. This number should not, however, be within your reach.

If it fails to do so, there will be a new vote on Tuesday next week, and Pedro Sánchez will then suffice for a simple majority to secure the formation of a government, and that will require, inter alia, the independence of Catalonia to abstain.

In his speech earlier in the Spanish Parliament, Pedro Sánchez stressed that he had done everything to ensure the necessary sum of votes. “We have been working to get the support of other political forces to reach the critical number that will allow the formation of a government that will advance this legislature. That is where I am here to ask for your support. ”

"The Spanish voted one way and the other, but they voted for a government, not a blockade," he concluded.


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