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Samsung's cute new robot is kind of BB-8 that follows you and takes care of the house

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Samsung's cute new robot is kind of BB-8 that follows you and takes care of the house

We have two certainties in life: death and which robots will appear on CES (Consumer Electronics Show). On Monday, Samsung met its second certainty rating and showed off in Las Vegas its latest product: a cute robot that follows you around the house and resembles Star Wars BB-8.

Called Ballie, the news from the South Korean company appeared on stage to entertain the audience and cause H.S. Kim, president and CEO of Samsung. The little yellow robot emerged early in the presentation to steal hearts.

Like BB-8 or R2-D2, Ballie can follow the user around. Samsung pointed out that the device represents the company's vision for the next decade, called the "age of experience": even robots can be our life partners and partners.

We will have 43 megacities by 2030. We need to rethink the spaces. Not only people, but pets, who are considered part of the family. We need a new way of thinking. The new decade is the age of experience and new technology devices like robots can be life mates, "Kim pointed out.

The small ball-shaped robot recognizes and follows people according to the owner's distance. If you approach him, he turns away, spinning around on the floor. If it starts running, it increases the speed to follow you. If you have ever seen Star Wars, you can imagine what I am talking about.

Beyond Cuteness

The toy is cute by itself, but its features go beyond. He can, according to Samsung, be a caregiver of the house.

Remotely, for example, he can send information via cell phone to owners while they are at work. An example from Samsung is that Ballie realizes that a dog has dropped a plate of cereal and the device automatically activates the robot's vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess.

Ballie is even equipped with an internal camera capable of taking pictures of family moments. It can also serve as a remote control to assist seniors in different household chores and also as a fitness assistant.

And the privacy of this stuff? Well, Samsung claims that the data collected is not used by the brand, since artificial intelligence is embedded in the little robot.

"Of course you want Ballie to be fun, but we also want him to keep our secrets. We want an AI we can trust," said Sebastian Seung, Samsung's chief scientist.

The company has not provided pricing information or when Ballie will be made available to the public.

All connected

Samsung's presentation broadened the idea of ​​the all-connected home brand. In addition to Ballie, were mentioned thermostat that understands your preferred temperature or robot vacuum cleaner that turns on alone.

"The smart home will be equipped with robots and devices. But we want more simplified and powerful. We want it to be personal and intimate, to give experiences to each of us. The smart home is flexible," said Federico Casalegno, head of design at Samsung .

Other brand predictions include smart kitchens equipped with robotic arms that help you cook and even AI who picks wine for you – you just can't understand why.

* The reporter traveled at the invitation of LG


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