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Rural Albertans express frustration over election cold shoulder

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Rural Albertans express frustration over election cold shoulder

In rural Alberta, the province's agricultural and oil industry sectors emerged as key issues in the upcoming federal elections, but so far the Albertanos have been overwhelmingly ignored.

South of Calgary, in Nanton, Alta., Most of the city's 2,000 residents are fighting oil workers or farmers dealing with international trade conflicts. Despite these serious issues, no federal party leader has made more than a few stops in Wild Rose Country so far in the campaign.

Part of the reason is that there is little incentive to visit, as all 34 provincial races were conservative in 2015 and should do the same this time. This has not yet lessened frustration among provincial voters.

"I think this election more than any of them will decide the future of our country and now Alberta could use better leadership," said Bob Logan, resident of Nanton, said CTV News anchor and editor-in-chief Lisa LaFlamme .

Among the most frustrated are farmers hit hard on international markets. Most notably, China's ban on Canadian beef and pork is estimated to cost the industry $ 100 million, while Canola Council of Canada suggests losses from banning canola seeds in China could exceed $ 1 billion annually.

Still, farmers noted how few promises were made regarding Canada's agricultural sector.

"It's amazing to me that Alberta's second largest industry … and we haven't heard a word about it," Bob Lowe, beef producer at Bear Trap Feeders, told LaFlamme. "The world's number one priority over the next 30 years is food production, but we haven't heard a word about agriculture – at least I don't have it – in this election."

Despite the rising unemployment rate in Alberta, Lowe is also struggling to find workers for his 9,712-hectare farm, as layoffs cannot afford wage cuts.

"We want more immigration," he said.

Meanwhile, in the Thanksgiving service within the Nanton Church of Christ, faith is playing a big factor in which parishioners choose to lead Canada.

Congregation member Marie Logan is looking for something in a prime minister on October 21.

"A man of God who cares for his people and follows what is best for them, ending the life of a child is not the best for both mother and child," she said.

In the local arena, several bystanders are oil workers now struggling to survive amid a stalled pipeline project.

"We want to see things speed up," said Lee Williams. "There are people losing their homes and defaulting on their mortgages and they can't wait any longer."

Williams hopes that some of the other provinces will realize the seriousness of the problems facing the Albertanos and decide to offer some form of understanding.

"We're the same here in Quebec and Ontario," said Williams.

“We have many of the same beliefs and values. You see on the hockey rink how they look in Ontario or Quebec just like anywhere else. That's where we need to get together and that's how we can get along. There are many common values ​​we have with the east. So I think we need to communicate with them more than anything. "

Two recent surveys suggest that an increasing number of Albertanos do not believe the federal government benefits them or would like to receive separatism – a feeling that some Albertanos doubt a change in government will fix.

"I think it will take a long time to balance," said Beth Wright. “It seems that the provinces are at war with each other, even making beer. We're fighting with B.C. ”

Still, others question whether leaving the Confederacy would be better for the Albertanos.

I am a nationalist. Well, maybe I'm an eternal optimist, but I don't think we'd better get separated, ”Lowe said. "I think the way we work things out is national and we just need to come together and do it."

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