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Rui Pinto's process instruction goes from December 12 to 18

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Rui Pinto's process instruction goes from December 12 to 18

The prosecution phase of Rui Pinto, founder of Football Leaks and charged with 147 crimes of illegitimate access, correspondence, computer sabotage and attempted extortion, went from December 12 to 18.

The information was forwarded this Tuesday to the agency Lusa, by source of the Court of Criminal Instruction of Lisbon (ICT). The postponement is due to the impediment of the defendant and lawyer Aníbal Pinto, for agenda reasons.

The source of the ICT stated that the Criminal Investigation Judge (JIC) rescheduled for 10:30 on December 18 the same instructional proceedings scheduled for the 12th. Among them, the interrogation of Aníbal Pinto (who in the request for opening of instruction requested be heard) and the instructional debate, after which the JIC shall set a date for the reading of the instructional decision.

Attempt to travel to Cascais

The instruction, an optional phase aimed at deciding by a JIC whether the case follows and in what manner for trial, was requested by the defense of the two defendants in the case, Rui Pinto and lawyer Aníbal Pinto. It is planned to take place at the ICT in Lisbon, at the Justice Campus.

However, the defense of Rui Pinto raised an incident of territorial jurisdiction for the conduct of this phase, claiming that it should take place at the Cascais Criminal Instruction Court and not at Lisbon.

Judicial source explained to Lusa that the defense of Rui Pinto maintains that the instruction must be made by the ICT of Cascais, since it was in Oeiras (County of Cascais) "that the last act of the most serious crime" was committed, the attempt of extortion.

This crime concerns the attempted extortion of Doyen (between 500,000 and 1 million euros) allegedly carried out by Rui Pinto in October 2015, with the intermediation of lawyer Aníbal Pinto, with the counterpart of the creator of Football Leaks does not disclose confidential documents of this investment fund.

This face-to-face meeting was reported to have taken place at an A5 motorway service station in Oeiras, between Noyio Lucas, legal representative of Doyen Sports, and Aníbal Pinto, now Rui Pinto's lawyer.

The same source of the ICT of Lisbon indicated, this Tuesday, to Lusa that JIC Cláudia Pina has not yet decided on this request.

Juan Branco from WikiLeaks. "It is a shame Portugal has allowed the arrest of Rui Pinto"

Context about the case of Rui Pinto

On September 19, the prosecutor accused Rui Pinto of 147 crimes, 75 of which were illegitimate access, 70 of correspondence violation, seven of them aggravated, one of computer sabotage and one of attempted extortion for accessing the systems. Sporting, the Doyen investment fund, the law firm PLMJ, the Portuguese Football Federation and the Attorney General's Office, and the subsequent release of dozens of confidential documents from these entities.

The law firm PLMJ was part of Benfica's defense in the process known as 'e-mole'.

The prosecution of the prosecutor, to which Lusa had access, says that between November 6, 2018 and January 7, 2019, the defendant "made a total of 307 hits" to the Attorney General's Office, and obtained documents of the cases. Tancos, BES and Operation Marquis, among others.

Between January 2018 and January 2019, Rui Pinto will have consulted 12 more cases that are still under secrecy.

In custody since March 22 this year, Rui Pinto, 30, was arrested in Hungary and handed over to the Portuguese authorities on the basis of a European Arrest Warrant (MDE), which only covered illegal access to Sporting's computer systems and from Doyen.

As the defendant never waived the principle of specialty, so that the Portuguese justice could prosecute and prosecute Rui Pinto for facts and crimes other than these, the MP had to ask the extension of the MDE to the Hungarian authorities (which they authorized), based on new facts and evidence found in the course of this investigation, which will lead to further legal proceedings.

Rui Pinto is also suspected of being the author of Benfica's e-mail theft in 2017.

The prosecution of the prosecution claims that from the beginning of 2015 until 16 January 2019, "the main defendant provided himself with adequate technical knowledge and equipment to allow him unauthorized access to computer systems and third-party email boxes ".

To that end, "it installed various computer programs and digital tools on its equipment which allowed it, in a disguised and anonymous way, to enter the said computer systems and third-party mailboxes and then remove content".


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