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Royal Mail trials refitted black cab electric vans

by ace

Image copyright Royal Mail Image caption The vans are based on black electric taxis that came into use in London in 2017

Royal Mail is testing the use of electric vans for post offices as part of efforts to reduce emissions.

The vans are mounted on black electric taxis. The final design released will likely be different.

The first van will be tested in Birmingham, with more to follow in Leeds, Derby, Edinburgh and Bristol.

Royal Mail, in partnership with the London Electric Vehicle Company, plans to launch more this year.

The 2.9 tonne (2,900 kg) van will be charged at the local post office.

The battery will last a typical postal round. It can also be extended if you need to deal with longer, more remote locations.

There are currently 295 Royal Mail electric vans in operation, and the new fleet would complement rather than replace them.

Paul Gatti, fleet director at Royal Mail, said: “As a company, we are committed to making changes to our operations that reduce our environmental impact and, at the same time, ensure that we continue to meet customer expectations.”

Another 24 companies are also testing refurbished black taxis.

Joerg Hofmann, chief executive of the London Electric Vehicle Company, said: “Royal Mail is one of the oldest postal services in the world and, like our black London taxi, it is part of British history and culture. It is great that these two iconic brands are joining forces for this trial. “

He added that the trial “would test the vehicle’s capacity to the maximum”.

Countries around the world are looking to reduce emissions from vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel. Many focused on vans and trucks because larger vehicles are more polluting than cars.


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