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"Right to be forgotten". Google wins lawsuit against France

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"Right to be forgotten". Google wins lawsuit against France

Google won a court battle against the so-called "right to be forgotten on the internet" rules in France after the European Court of Justice (TEJ) said on Tuesday that the cyber giant does not have to remove links exposing personal data. sensitive globally.

The EU court ruling thus rejects France's demand that these links be removed by Google when European citizens request it.

In 2016, the French National Commission for Informatics and Freedom (CNIL) had fined Google 100,000 euros after the multinational refused to delete global search results that included personal information from targeted EU citizens.

Following the imposition of the fine in France, Google appealed to the French Council of State, which referred the case to the TEJ.

"We have been working since 2014 to implement the right to be forgotten in Europe and to strike a balance between people's rights to access information and their privacy," the company said on Tuesday. "It's good to see that the Court agrees with our arguments."

The case was seen as a test of the EU's limits of action beyond its borders with regard to freedom of expression and legitimate public interest on the Internet and followed four complaints.

These included a satirical photomontage of a French policy, an article about an alleged public relations from the Church of Scientology, and a host of other articles about an individual convicted of sexual assault on minors.

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