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Rainy, icy and snowy weekend in store for Canadians across the country

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Rainy, icy and snowy weekend in store for Canadians across the country

From coast to coast, this weekend is becoming a time of snow, rain and generally unpleasant for Canadians.

According Environment and Climate Change CanadaWestern Canada has been hit by cold temperatures, causing a series of extreme cold warnings extending from the territories of Yukon and Northwest to British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

"Temperatures fall to values ​​never seen in years," the weather agency predicted in a special weather statement. The source of the cold is an arctic air mass moving south that will reach the southern portion of B.C. on Sunday.

There are also snowfall warnings in effect. to Vancouver. The city could see up to six inches of snow until Sunday afternoon.

As we move east across the country, bad weather moves from snow to rain.

Snowfall and winter storm warnings are in effect in northern Ontario. Environment Canada says total snow can reach 20 to 25 centimeters in some places.

Southern Ontario, on the other hand, was flooded with warnings of increased rainfall and freezing rain.

Toronto is expected see 40 to 60 millimeters of rain at midnight, with precipitation decreasing on Sunday morning.

Some areas like Waterloo and Guelph can get so much freezing rain at night that they can create a 10 to 20 millimeter thick layer of ice, Environment Canada says.

Southern Quebec is under a similar climate attack. Environment Canada is forecasting between 15 and 30 millimeters of Freezing rain to Montreal.

The weather shows no sign of improvement as we move forward for the maritimes. New Brunswick is experiencing snowfall and freezing rain warnings.

Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are equally affected, but while P.E.I. is facing only snowfall warnings, Nova Scotia is being hit by freezing rain instead of snow.

Halifax can receive 10 to 30 millimeters of freezing rain, with the rains beginning tonight and extending through Sunday night, according to Environment Canada.

The weather agency is warning that Canadians in an area that will be hit by a blizzard or freezing rain should avoid unnecessary travel, as icy roads or snow accumulation can contribute to dangerous road conditions.



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