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Putin says Russia is ready to cooperate with NATO but criticizes …

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Putin says Russia is ready to cooperate with NATO but criticizes ...

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that his country is prepared to cooperate with NATO despite its "rude" behavior as the organization celebrates its 70th anniversary at a summit in London.

"We repeatedly express our willingness to cooperate with NATO on real threats such as international terrorism, local armed conflicts and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," said the Russian President in the city of Sochi, quoted by a news agency. .

However, Vladimir Putin denounced what he considers to be NATO's "incorrect or even rude" behavior, which has not "taken Russia's interests into account", although Moscow "has repeatedly tried to come up with a constructive agenda" for the Atlantic Alliance. .

Over the past few years, the Kremlin has insistently criticized NATO, accusing it of continuing to grow despite promises made before the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the political and military bloc against whom it fought and protected itself.

"Thinking in terms of block stereotypes is never a good way to look for and make effective decisions under the conditions of a rapidly changing and rapidly changing modern world," explained Vladimir Putin in Sochi (southern Russia), where he attended a meeting. about Russian maritime defense.

"Today we must consider that the expansion of NATO, the development of its military infrastructure near Russia's borders, is one of the potential threats to the security of our country," added the Russian President on the eve of the General Assembly of the North Atlantic organization. , which takes place in London.

The summit, which is attended by the leaders of 29 member countries, is set in a tense environment, facing multiple external challenges and internal disagreements over critical issues such as Turkey's military intervention in Syria, the Chinese threat and the organization's funding, which in a recent interview , French President Emmanuel Macron said he was "brain dead".

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