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Prince Charles praises the ecumenical spirit of Cardinal Newman, the new saint …

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Prince Charles praises the ecumenical spirit of Cardinal Newman, the new saint ...

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Prince Charles praises the example and ecumenical spirit of Cardinal John Henry Newman, who will be canonized by Pope Francis in the Vatican this Sunday.

In an article in the L'Osservatore Romano newspaper, the Anglican monarch, who will be present at the ceremony, considers that “Newman was not only involved with the Church, but with the world” surrounding him.

The Anglican priest, who converted to Catholicism and lived in the nineteenth century, "began a debate between Catholics and other Christians, paving the way for later ecumenical dialogues," said the Prince of Wales.

Cardinal Newman showed the world that "differences should not be feared" and proved it through his theology and poetry, but also by his example of life, he stresses.

“Under his leadership, Catholics,” minorities on Anglican land, “have become an integral part of a larger society, which has also become more enriched as a community of communities,” says Carlos.

In an article entitled “John Henry Newman: The Harmony of Difference,” the Prince of Wales considers that, “when the Pope canonizes Cardinal John Henry Newman, the first Briton to be declared a saint in 40 years, there will be reason not only to celebrate the United Kingdom, not just for Catholics, but for all who share the values ​​that inspired it. ”

Cardinal Newman "defended the life of the spirit against the forces" that intended to degrade "human dignity and destiny."

In today's times, Cardinal Newman's example "is more necessary than ever," because he was able to "argue without accusation, disagree without disrespect, and look at differences as places of encounter rather than exclusion."

Newman was “one of the greatest theologians of the nineteenth century,” reflected on faith in secular societies and “reconciled faith with reason,” first through Anglican perspective, and after his conversion with a Catholic eye, “impressing even your opponents with their fearless honesty, unmatched rigor and original thinking. ”

"Whatever our belief, regardless of our tradition, we can only be grateful to Newman for the offerings, rooted in his Catholic faith, which he shared with society," says the British monarch.

The example of the new saint is also important at a time when humanity is witnessing "too many painful attacks by intolerant forces upon communities or individuals, including many Catholics, because of their faith."

"He is a figure who kept his convictions despite the disadvantages of belonging to a religion whose faithful were denied full participation in public life," he says.

“In the process of Catholic emancipation and restoration of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, he was the leader that his people, the Church and his time needed,” he stresses.

Cardinal Newman's legacy also passes through the image of “divine harmony” he manifested throughout his life.

It is a source of inspiration for a conflicting world, a proof that “all our divisions can lead to greater understanding and all roads can find a common home,” concludes Prince Charles.



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