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Priest Suspended for Abusing Minor in Dominican Republic

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Priest Suspended for Abusing Minor in Dominican Republic

The Catholic Church in the Dominican Republic has announced the preventive suspension of a Colombian priest for alleged sexual abuse of a minor.

The suspended priest was identified as Aleycer Vivas Ortiz, a member of the Order of Augustinian Recollects and dependent on the diocese of Bani, a village southwest of Santo Domingo, according to a statement from this ecclesiastical body reproduced by the local press.

In the statement, Bishop of Bani Victor Masalles condemned the abuse of the minor, who was not identified because the law prevents him, and apologized on behalf of the Order of Augustinian Recollects, the diocese and his own diocese, "for the damage that this situation represents for the family and society ".

"We express our strongest and most forceful condemnation of this immoral action and all forms of abuse, especially when it is committed by a priest who is least expected of it," Masalles said in a statement sent to the mainstream Dominican media.

Similarly, the bishop said he was offering "all support, support and solidarity" to the family affected by the abuse.

The diocese did not provide further details of the case, nor did it specify the date or place of the commission or the circumstances.

According to the bishop, the diocese has made Vivas Ortiz available to the court, and has ensured that he is collaborating with the investigation process, hoping that the authorities will apply all sanctions provided for in the penal code.

In October 2018, the Dominican Church suspended another priest after he revealed that he had "improper" relations with a minor in the municipality of Sabana Grande de Boyá, in the southeast province of Monte Plata.

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