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Pretrial detention for a mother who left a newborn in the trash

by ace

The woman who left her newborn son in a dustbin in Lisbon will wait for the trial to take place.

The mother, a 22-year-old homeless woman, is indicted for qualified murder in the attempted form.

The Judiciary Police announced Friday that they had identified and detained at dawn a woman suspected of being the mother of the abandoned newborn in a waste bin in the Santa Apolónia area of ​​Lisbon.

The suspect lived in a tent in that area of ​​the city and never signaled to health authorities that she was pregnant. It has no criminal record and has acted on its own. Father of the child "is not in the city, nor in the region."

The boy was found by a homeless man last Tuesday evening.

On Thursday, the head of the neonatal intensive care unit at Dona Estefânia Hospital said the newborn "is a healthy baby" and could clinically be discharged within the next 48 hours.

Daniel Virella explained that the discharge of the baby depends on the decision of the state to welcome him, namely from the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth (CPCJ), stressing that "clinically there is nothing that prevents from being discharged".

At Dona Estefânia Hospital, "the tests, the complementary exams, which are usual in such a situation, were performed, and the rest was basically preventive care".

Pretrial detention for a mother who left a newborn in the trash

After being admitted to the pediatric emergency room at Dona Estefânia Hospital, where he needed "almost minimal care", the newborn was transferred to Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital for "not needing complex medical and surgical care".

The President of the Republic has already thanked the "civic and human gesture" of the man who found a newborn in a crate. "When he was looking for livelihoods he saved a life. That's why I spoke of inequalities," Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa told reporters.

Health Minister Marta Feared said on Friday that the baby would stay in health care, ensuring that these structures were "perfectly able to handle these cases."

"The child will stay in health care for as long as he or she needs health care and then the other structures at the level of the ministries of justice and social security will step in to find a family, an institution that protects the rights of the child," he said. Dreaded Marta on the sidelines of a visit to the Curry Cabral Hospital in Lisbon.

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