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President becomes "irrelevant" if majority left, says Cristas

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President becomes "irrelevant" if majority left, says Cristas

The president of the CDS-PP defended this Saturday that the role of the President of the Republic becomes irrelevant because it does not strike a balance if the parliament is overly left-wing and gave as an example the veto of medically assisted procreation.

"The two-thirds parliament can overcome this veto of the President of the Republic, so in practice who thinks there will not be a big problem, because there is always a President of the Republic to balance the system, the drama is that there may be no balance to do because with an overly left-wing parliament, in fact, the role of the President becomes irrelevant, "Asunción Cristas argued.

Asked if the influence magistracy cannot be used, Asunción Cristas admitted that "there are many mechanisms to use, but in practice a two-thirds parliament overcomes any presidential veto, whether in the political domain or in the unconstitutionality domain."

The leader justified to journalists why she called the President of the Republic to the interview she gave to the newspaper Expresso, during a visit to the Fagilde Dam, in Mangualde, during her visit this Saturday in the Viseu region.

As an example of the "drama that may exist due to the lack of balance", Asunción Cristas gave the assisted medical procreation that the Constitutional Court vetoed this week and which the head of state sent again to the Assembly of the Republic.

"The way I found to signal, once again, the critical moment we have, if the people of the center and right-wing political space demobilize or feel that a majority is better for the Socialist Party, because it frees them from The most radical left, it may be that even people who do not want it, can result in two thirds of the votes on the left and that is very serious, "he said.

Asked about Manuel Monteiro's return to the CDS-PP and whether past disagreements were resolved, the leader said she knew from the newspapers and simply said that "the most important thing at this stage is that all votes in the political space center and right wing are expressed (…) and all votes are needed and all support very welcome ".

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