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Portuguese mother with homeless children in Paris already has home and work

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Portuguese mother with homeless children in Paris already has home and work

The Portuguese mother who lived with two children on the street in Paris, France, already has a home and work, after a group of Portuguese helped the family through a Facebook page.

O group, under the name "Portuguese Homeless Family Support Initiative in Paris", was created on the 16th, after the publication of the news that that mother lived on the street with two children, a story told in the French newspaper "Le Parisien". Already has more than 140 members, who will have managed to offer a home to the family and a job to the mother.

"It is with emotion that I share this news with you all; this family already has a roof and the mother a job," wrote the group administrator Ivo Margarido on Facebook. "After a good dinner hosted by good friends that the universe has put in my way, this mother and her children go to sleep in the comfort of a home, surrounded by people with a generous essence."

"This mother needs some more help, including a computer with Autocad to be able to develop some projects, as she is also a training architect. For all we will succeed," added Ivo Margarido, asking for understanding that he has committed "to guarantee the anonymity of this family ".

The Portuguese State has been following the situation of this Portuguese family since the beginning of December, through the Portuguese Consulate General in Paris, which "is in contact with the competent French authorities", said the Secretary of State of the Portuguese Communities, on the 16th. . However, the mother rejected the social support available.

According to data from the Secretary of State, in 2018, 31 cases of "social deprivation" were reported to the Consulate General of Paris, saying that these cases of social need are referred to the competent French authorities, but "also have the support of the part of social associations of the Portuguese community in France ".

Children study at a train station

The French newspaper Le Parisien has published a story about the life of a 37-year-old Portuguese woman who lives homeless with her 13 and 8-year-old minor children in Île-de-France, Paris.

On its website, the newspaper shows that the two children attend school in Athis-Mons, where they are the first to arrive and the last to leave when the school is closed.

According to the report, the family went to the streets for lack of vacancies in homelessness, social housing and lack of stable employment of the mother of the two children.

It also shows that after school the children do their homework and study at a station on RER, the Île-de-France regional train network, with the bank serving as a secretary.




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