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Portugal want to surprise in "demanding" group at handball European

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Portugal want to surprise in "demanding" group at handball European

Miguel Laranjeiro, the president of the Portuguese Handball Federation, speaking to Bola Branca, marks the historic moment of the Portuguese handball's return to a major international competition. This Thursday, the European Handball Championship which has this tripartite organization begins. The games will be held in Austria, Sweden and Norway.

This Friday, Paulo Pereira's team debut against France. On the 12th the game will be with Bosnia and on the 14th with Norway. The Portuguese team is back to a European. Their last participation was in 2006.

"For 14 years Portugal has not been in the finals of a European or a World Cup, so it is a historic moment that must be lived in that dimension. We feel the ambition, work, effort and professionalism of the players and the technical team to reach the most. As far as we can tell, all games start from zero to zero. With the quality we have today, both tactical and technical, combined with will and ambition, I am convinced that we can do something positive for all fans and for the country. " , refer.

Portugal wants to surprise in a "demanding" group

Miguel Laranjeiro admits that the group is very strong but Portugal wants to surprise and move on to the next phase, needing to finish in the first two places.

"We are in the most demanding group of all. We have France, the European and world multi-champion, Norway, who, besides being a team that is usually in the first places, plays at home, and, finally, Bosnia and Herzegovina "I usually say that handball is played by hand, but you have to have your feet flat on the ground. I remember that less than a year ago, we beat France. It was unexpected, but we won categorically. Portugal, today." , they beat each other toe to toe and that was the big leap forward, "he said.

The Portuguese debut will take place on Friday against France at 5:15 pm.


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