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Port. Rain forecast said closing of Gustavo Eiffel Avenue on Thursday

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Port. Rain forecast said closing of Gustavo Eiffel Avenue on Thursday

Gustavo Eiffel Avenue in Porto will be closed as a precaution early Thursday afternoon due to expected cumulative rainfall of 30 to 40 millimeters per square meter.

The announcement was made by the commander of the Firefighters, Carlos Marques, at a press conference held at the Integrated Management Center in Porto, where he took stock of the events that took place at the last dawn due to heavy rains.

“During this dawn we had 30 occurrences, mostly due to infiltration or flooding in public space. The most serious occurrence was the dragging or falling of some inert on Gustavo Eiffel Avenue and Paiva Couceiro Avenue, in the Fontainhas escarpment area, ”said the official.

According to the commander of the Oporto Sappers, "these intense precipitations led to the dragging of aggregates that were deposited on Gustavo Eiffel Avenue."

“Due to this entrainment, the avenue was cut off, as early as 07h00, extending until 13h00, during which time the avenue was cleaned by the Civil Protection and other chamber services,” he explained.

For prevention, Carlos Marques announced for Thursday that “there is also a forecast of heavy rain from 15:00 (…) extending until 21:00 with precipitation in the order of 30 to 40 mm per square meter (…) The avenue of Gustavo Eiffel in the early afternoon ”.

“In the afternoon there is a lot of traffic in that area and we cannot risk the avenue being open and there is some fatality (…), then we will assess the state of precipitation and when the safety conditions are met we will open the avenue”, added the battalion commander.

Carlos Marques also reported on the “reinforcement of relief” from the early afternoon of Thursday, explaining that there will be “more teams of firefighters, both from the battalion and from corporations available, to deal with any occurrences that may appear. , as well as the Municipal Civil Protection will have their pickets available and on the avenues Gustavo Eiffel and Paiva Couceiro ”.

Asked if the level of precipitation recorded surprised the authorities, the official replied that the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) issued the yellow warning of precipitation for the last dawn, but that "did not predict this type of precipitation" .

"Last dawn there was about 34 millimeters of precipitation in eight hours, so similar precipitation is expected (for Thursday)," he added.

The commander recalled that this was the third time in a short period of time that “there is a phenomenon of intense precipitation in the city of Porto”, citing the records of 19 October 2019, in which the rainfall varied “between 43 and 73 millimeters per square meter throughout the day ”and“ 93 occurrences ”were recorded.

From 18 to 20 December, the Elsa and Fabien storms followed, “in addition to the turbulent seas, brought heavy rainfall and floods on the Douro River, and during those days there were 300 occurrences,” he said. .

At the last dawn, he added, there was “a peak of heavy rainfall between 05:00 and 05:30, and the cumulative rainfall over eight hours from midnight to 08:00 was 34 millimeters per square meter ”, informed Carlos Marques.

Gustavo Eiffel, said, "is already open to traffic although it has a narrow road in the area where the inert was dragged," confirming that "there was no record of injuries, only material damage", in the sum of recorded occurrences.

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