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Plane lost altitude and crashed in a house in Kazakhstan 12 dead

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Plane lost altitude and crashed in a house in Kazakhstan 12 dead


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At least 12 dead is the latest official report of a plane crash in Kazakhstan. There are 53 hospitalized people, ten in "extremely severe" condition.

The Bek Air plane, a Fokker 100, was heading for Nursultan, the capital of the country, with 93 passengers and five crew members on board, and lost altitude at 7.22 hours (1.22 hours in mainland Portugal), moments after takeoff. of Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan.

Local authorities had initially taken stock of 15 dead, including six children, the report said. BBC, but the Home Office has revised the figure down – to 12 dead victims – without explaining it. Eight people, including the plane's pilot, Marat Mouratbaïev, died at the crash site, two died from their injuries after being transferred from the airport and two died in hospital.

According to the Ministry of Health, 53 people are hospitalized, including nine children. Ten adults are in "extremely serious" condition.

The former Soviet Republic's Ministry of Transport reported that the Bek Air plane lost "takeoff altitude and hit a concrete wall (and) collided with a two-story building," a two-story house that was partially destroyed.

The plane rocked during takeoff, said Maral Erman, one of the surviving passengers. He felt the plane had "hit something" but thought they had landed.

"There was not much panic on board," he told the Tengri News website, according to a BBC quotation. "There were no screams," he added. The crew opened the emergency exit for the passengers to leave. Only later did Maral Erman see that "the plane was broken in half."

Those responsible will be severely punished

In a statement on its Facebook page, Almaty Airport said there was no fire and that a relief operation began immediately after the accident.

Images of the crash site show part of the wrecked plane next to a wrecked house and another part in a field near the airport.

According to Prime Minister Roman Sklyar, the cause of the crash is still unknown, but authorities are investigating two possible scenarios: pilot error and technical failure.

In a message of condolence on Twitter, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev assured that "those responsible will be punished severely under the law."

In Almaty, dozens of people lined up to give blood to the wounded.

The medium-sized plane was 23 years old and was last certified to fly in May. The company that made the plane went bankrupt in 1996 and production of the Fokker-100 ended the following year.

Kazakhstan's Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure has ordered the suspension of all Fokker 100 flights until the causes of the crash have been clarified.

At the time of the fall of the device there was a lot of fog in the area.

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