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Pinto Luz wants PSD back to majority

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Pinto Luz wants PSD back to majority

PSD leadership candidate Miguel Pinto Luz says he is spreading a message of mobilization and hope to return the party back to a majority in the country.

"Viseu, a historically social democratic district, is with great pleasure that I am here today to deliver a message of enormous hope that it is possible to make the PSD a once again majority party in Portugal," said Miguel Pinto Luz.

Speaking to reporters, at the entrance of a closed-door meeting with about 50 militants from the Viseu district at the PSD district headquarters, Miguel Pinto Luz added that the message he brings is the same message he has been carrying across the country.

"A message of mobilization from the PSD, from a PSD that has been somewhat demobilized and forgotten about its ability to lead the political agenda," he said.

Asked about the priorities for party leadership, the candidate declined to go any further, warning that "there are many and are in the program that will be presented on January 4th in Porto".

Regarding his candidacy, Pinto Luz said that "what is at stake in these elections are different visions for the future of the PSD and different visions for the future of the country and that is what matters."

The candidate also said he had a "completely different" political position from the other two candidates, Rui Rio and Luís Montenegro.

"The position of Dr. Rui Rio is that of trying to center the PSD, funnel the PSD to the center, Dr. Luís Montenegro has been bringing the PSD increasingly to the right and I have a position, I would say, almost traditional in social- Portuguese democracy, "he explained.

Pinto Luz has defined himself as "someone who puts political action at the center, the person at the center of political action, and one who is concerned, on the one hand, with freedom of expression, with freedom of opinion and who has no kind whatsoever." of ideological complexes with private enterprise ".

He also defended a "party that also cares about our fellow citizens, those most in need, a welfare state capable of reaching those in need at the most difficult times of our lives."

Regarding the number of militants present at the party's headquarters, about 50, Miguel Pinto Luz said he did not do "evaluations by the number of militants", arguing that he does not have to "do such evaluations", although he admitted that it seemed "to be rather composed house ".

PSD direct elections will be held on January 11. Candidates for leadership are current PSD president Rui Rio, former PSD parliamentary leader Luís Montenegro and current vice-mayor of Cascais, Miguel Pinto Luz.



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