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PCP defends national production and valorization of work in the next Budget of …

by ace

The PCP’s secretary-general says that the strengthening of national production and the valorization of work will be two priorities of the communists in the conversations with the Government on the State Budget for 2021.

“We need to produce what they forced us to buy abroad. And we need to value work and workers,” said Jerónimo de Sousa, before attending a show at the Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, in Almada, in the district of Setúbal.

For the communist leader, the covid-19 pandemic exposed the country’s weaknesses in the field of national production and workers’ rights, but also highlighted the importance of public services and those who work in different areas of activity.

“At this stage, if there is a lesson and teaching, it was to verify this centrality: the country did not stop due to the workers”, said Jerónimo de Sousa, reaffirming the idea that “work must be really valued” and that this valorization “is one of the measures that must be placed in the State Budget for 2021 “.

As for public infrastructures and services, Jerónimo de Sousa stated that the problems are known – and not only in relation to the National Health Service (SNS) -, so he considered it necessary to “create conditions” to have “better infrastructures and better services. public “.

Questioned by the journalists, the leader of the PCP did not want to answer about the expectations of the communists for the meetings of the left parties with the Government, which should start on Wednesday, with a view to the preparation of the next State Budget, reaffirming only that the PCP will present its proposals.

“It is with this disposition, these proposals, in essence, that we will go to the debate with the Government”, said Jerónimo de Sousa, admitting that, until now, there has not been any contact of the PCP with the new Minister of Finance.


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