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North Korea leader says country will soon show off a new strategic weapon

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North Korea leader says country will soon show off a new strategic weapon

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un accused the Trump government of dragging its feet in nuclear talks and warned that his country will soon show a new strategic weapon to the world, while reinforcing its nuclear deterrent to similar "US sanctions". to gangsters "and pressure.

Northern state media said Wednesday that Kim made the remarks during a four-day ruling party conference held until Tuesday in the capital Pyongyang, where he said the North would never give up its security for economic benefits over the which he described as growing US hostility and nuclear threats.

Kim's comments came after a months-long standoff between Washington and Pyongyang over disagreements over disarmament measures and the removal of sanctions imposed on the north.

"He said we will never allow the insolent US to abuse the DPRK-US dialogue for achieving its sordid goal, but it will take real shocking action to make it pay for the pains suffered by our people so far and the development so far." . " "said the Korea Central News Agency, referring to the North by its formal name, Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Kim added: "If the US persists in its hostile DPRK policy, there will never be denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and the DPRK will constantly develop necessary strategic weapons and prerequisites for state security until the US reverses its hostility. "according to the agency.

However, Kim showed no clear indication of completely abandoning negotiations with the United States or restarting tests of nuclear bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles that he suspended under a self-imposed moratorium in 2018.

He issued a warning that the North would no longer be "unilaterally" bound by the moratorium, criticizing the United States for continuing its joint military exercises with rival South Korea and also providing advanced weapons to the South.

"Only in the last two years, when the DPRK has taken crucial and preventive measures to stop its nuclear and ICBM testing and close down the nuclear testing ground to build trust between the DPRK and the US, far from responding to the first, With the appropriate measures, he conducted dozens of large and small joint military exercises that his president personally promised to interrupt and threatened the first militarily by sending ultra-modern war equipment to (South Korea), "the KCNA said.

Some experts say North Korea, which has always been sensitive to electoral changes in the US government, will avoid engaging in serious negotiations for a deal with Washington in the coming months, while watching as Trump's impending impeachment judgment on his talks with Ukraine affects the US presidential elections in November.

Kim and President Donald Trump have met three times since June 2018, but negotiations have failed since the collapse of their second summit last February in Vietnam, where the Americans rejected North Korean demands for broad relief from sanctions in exchange for a ban. partial surrender of its nuclear capabilities. .

Kim's speech followed months of intense test activities and belligerent statements issued by several North Korean officials, raising concerns that he was returning to the confrontation and preparing to do something provocative if Washington does not back down and ease sanctions.

The North announced in December that it conducted two "crucial" tests at its long-range rocket launch site that would further strengthen its nuclear deterrence, leading to speculation that it was developing an ICBM or planning a satellite launch that would provide an opportunity to advance your missile technologies.

North Korea also ended a 17-month break in ballistic activity last year, testing a series of solid-fuel weapons that potentially expanded its ability to reach targets in South Korea and Japan, including US military bases there. It also threatened to lift a self-imposed moratorium on nuclear bomb testing and ICBMs.



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