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No June party? Nor covid ruled out the controversy of the names of corn candies

by ace
No June party? Nor covid ruled out the controversy of the names of corn candies

This year we had no celebrations of June Festivals due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, but this did not prevent the return of the old controversy of the names of corn sweets. A tweet from Bruna Marquezine generated a heated debate in the timeline

And let’s go from controversy: which of these is canjica and which is cured? pic.twitter.com/DX83y5SZMM

— Bruna Marquezine (@BruMarquezine) June 21, 2020

Some call the sweet white corn canjica and the yellow corn cured

First canjica second cural

— Sandro (@sandrovers) June 21, 2020

Some call the sweet white corn mugunzá and the yellow corn canjica

We have mungunzá and canjica. It’s about history.

— Irina Lamb Chef (@MCProIrina) June 21, 2020

And there are still those who call the mugunzá / canjica corn porridge

1 – Corn porridge
2 – Canjica
3 – I could not identify, but it looks like pumpkin candy.

— Grape Hair (@aurilenedourado) June 21, 2020

There were people presenting evidence to justify his point of view

If you go to the supermarket and the package is written CANJICA, then the name is CANJICA and dot! The middle green corn porridge… pic.twitter.com/y1TR8sngy6

— Viviane Ribeiro (@ribeirovivi50) June 21, 2020

Ready. pic.twitter.com/NnZqsu87e0

— fakenicius (@vinidevinicius) June 21, 2020

Despite the divergences between mugunzá, canjica and cured or corn porridge, many agree on something: you could not know the name of the third sweet

Canjica is the first, second is healed and third i don’t know

— Desmamgafador (@vinicauneto) June 21, 2020

Tbm tô ctg

— Gabi (@gaabi__crf) June 21, 2020

1 Canjicão
2 corn porridge
3 unidentified

— U Mano (@manoeljunior01) June 22, 2020

1st Mungunzá
2nd Canjica
3. It doesn’t matter

— Rafael Carvalho (@rafocarvalho) June 21, 2020

canjica is the FIRST. now, oq would be that last? i have no idea what it is

– duda. 〽️ (@artbrubs) June 21, 2020

Canjica is white
Healed the middle
The other I don’t know what it is no

And who disagrees, who disagree at home and in silence, thank you

— Fernandooo (@Fernandkkk) June 21, 2020

They risked a few guesses

1st Canjica
2 healed
3 pumpkin jam

Oops!… I did it again (@b1tchyplease) June 22, 2020

The latter is oq?? Rice pudding?

— ☀️- Stay gold☀️ (@ByMyTaehyung) June 22, 2020


Understand pic.twitter.com/cYUQDFP8YQ

— (@agghatake) June 21, 2020


This internet user excelled in the item “I don’t know what name he has”

mds i n know the name of none of them pic.twitter.com/HJ7VnWZkEv

— 〄 (@quakexwidow) June 22, 2020

And in the end, we did not reach a consensus on the names of the dishes, which are symbol of the regional diversity of Brazilian cuisine. Every place will call it its own way and no one will be wrong. But we discovered two things: first, it doesn’t really matter what name they have, and, yes, if they’re hot when it comes to eating. And finally, that the controversy never ends, not even in coronavirus time.

She makes her polemic

— me (@__gaabbb) June 22, 2020


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