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Nev: ‘Truly pathetic’ transfers has left Arsenal with ‘average’ squad

by ace
Gary Neville Manchester United

Date Posted: Friday 29 November 2019 3:56

Gary Neville called Arsenal's recruitment strategy "truly pathetic" after Unai Emery was fired.

The Spaniard was sacked on Friday morning after losing to Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday led Arsenal to seven wins.

And Neville thinks the players "let him down", while the club's "recruitment policy" was not good enough.

"I don't know who was responsible for recruiting in the last two or three years, they cut and change, there were new people brought in," said Neville Sky sports.

"But if I were in the Arsenal meeting room, I'd be giving them a right rocket. There's no way Emery can tell David Luiz to step up two or three times, there are horrible things you see from other quarterbacks and midfielders.

“You think of [Granit] Xhaka the other week, Emery is a man of honor and you see this behavior, this is much deeper than the coach. Emery may be sailing back on the Channel this afternoon and will be delighted to leave behind what is simply a very common group of players.

“There is no way Unai Emery can tell players to do these things. Some of the things we were seeing on the pitch were fantasy football.

“Undoubtedly, the players let him down. The manager is responsible, it's their responsibility to put them in an organized way, but some of these players – I've been criticizing my own club in recent years for their recruitment policy and strategy, but Arsenal is really pathetic.

"We couldn't find a more irregular group of players in defense to watch. If you said you found three or four more erratic defenders in Europe, that's almost the summary of the recruitment. The players let you down, but some of them didn't." are you ready. "

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