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NATO raises controversy between Trump and Macron. “It's a very …

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NATO raises controversy between Trump and Macron. “It's a very ...

US President Donald Trump classified Emmanuel Macron's statement about NATO as an insult and a "very, very unpleasant statement."

The French President said in an interview with The Economist, published in November, that the transatlantic organization is "brain dead," partly due to the fact that NATO member Turkey has entered northern Syria, in October, without coordination with any organization partner except Trump.

Macron believes that this invasion made it difficult to fight the Islamic State and later justified the controversial claim as "a necessary cautionary call."

This Tuesday in London, at a press conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump accused Macron of trying to move away from this organization and running a crisis economy.

“I think they have a high unemployment rate in France. Nothing is going well economically. This is a very hard statement to make when you are going through so much trouble in France with manifestations of the 'yellow vests'. They had a very difficult year. One cannot simply make statements like this about NATO. It's very disrespectful. ”

Despite claiming that NATO is not fragile, Trump admits the possibility that the Macron-led country will abandon the organization, despite considering that "no one needs NATO more than France".

Trump did not mention the fact that he himself considered this organization to be "obsolete".

The US President's remarks take place in London on the first day of the NATO summit, which was attended by leaders from 30 countries, including Prime Minister Antonio Costa. This conference coincides with the 70th anniversary of the military alliance that protects about 1 billion people.


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