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Nationalists parade in Kiev against "capitulation" against Moscow

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Nationalists parade in Kiev against "capitulation" against Moscow

About 12,000 people, police said, rallied Monday in Kiev and accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of preparing a "capitulation" against pro-Russian separatists and Russia as part of the peace process.

Protesters, mostly nationalists, war veterans in the east and members of paramilitary organizations, gathered in central Kiev for this march and uttered hostile slogans to the head of state.

"Zelenskiy, street", "Down with the traitors", "No to capitulation" shouted the protesters, who also sang the Ukrainian anthem.

Slogans were also chanted against the very common Russian language of Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, particularly in the east and south of the country.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian president had urged the participants of this nationalist march to avoid violence, as the challenge to his peace plan for the separatist conflict in the east of the country increases.

In a message on the social network Facebook, Volodymyr Zelenskiy appealed to protesters not to give in to "provocations", criticizing those who "dream of seeing war and chaos."

On October 1, Kiev, pro-Russian separatists, Russia and European mediators signed an agreement providing for local elections in the Donbass region, where a five-year-long clash between separatist forces and Ukrainian troops provoked more. of 13,000 dead.

The 2015 peace agreement, sponsored by France and Germany and signed in Minsk, Belarus, with the participation of Moscow and Kiev, provides for Ukraine to regain full control of its borders with Russia, but only when the rebel regions were autonomous and promote elections for local and regional leaders and their autonomous institutions.

Ukraine and the West say the border has served as a "corridor" for troop and weapon supply.

The broad autonomy of the rebel regions under the Minsk agreement has led to strong criticism from various Ukrainian sectors and has in practice undermined its application, which Zelenskiy is now seeking to achieve.



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