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Montenegro blames Government for "absolutely chaotic" NHS state

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Montenegro blames Government for "absolutely chaotic" NHS state

PSD leadership candidate Luís Montenegro blames the government for the state's National Health Service (SNS), which he classified as "absolutely chaotic," suggesting that in the Christmas message António Costa confessed to the "ineffectiveness".

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with health sector leaders at the PSD / Algarve headquarters in Faro, Luís Montenegro suggested that it was the state of the NHS that led António Costa to feel the need to deliver his message Christmas from a health facility "where I had never gone".

For the social democrat, on the occasion, António Costa complained "about himself and his own inheritance" in terms of health care, which he classified as "terrible" and that in the Algarve takes on a "sharp" form, due to the large population fluctuation and "diminished" responsiveness.

"The Prime Minister, António Costa, confessed to the country that his deep remorse was ineffective about the lack of response from the National Health Service," he said.

The candidate, who was speaking to journalists after a meeting with the Director of Surgery of the Algarve Hospital and University Center (CGUA), Martins dos Santos, and the Algarve Regional Secretary of the Independent Doctors Union (SIM), João Dias, accused the PS Government "and its partners of the CP and BE" – Communist Party and Left Bloc – of a "lack of social sensitivity" in health.

In the case of the Algarve, Montenegro regretted that the project for the new central hospital continues "in the drawer", classifying health professionals as "true heroes" because they are faced with a "absolutely intolerable" lack of means.

Asked about the announced increase in health funds in the 2020 State Budget, Luís Montenegro said that "every year" at this time, the Prime Minister announces "worlds and funds", but then during the year. , there is a "very low execution" and "captivations swell in the cabinet" of the finance minister.

"More taxes are charged and worse services are provided, so it is relatively easy to control the public deficit," he concluded.

In addition to Luís Montenegro, the current president Rui Rio and the mayor of Cascais, Miguel Pinto Luz, are candidates for PSD leadership.

Direct elections to choose the next Social Democratic president will take place on January 11, with a possible second round a week later, and Congress between February 7 and 9 in Viana do Castelo.



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