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Marvel promises transgender hero and generates discussion about who will be the character

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Marvel promises transgender hero and generates discussion about who will be the character

Marvel's film universe must win its first transgender superhero.

"And very soon. In a movie we're filming right now," said Marvel Studios director Kevin Fiege during a talk at the New York Film Academy, a film and acting school in New York.

The statement was made when Fiege was asking a fan if he had plans to insert new LGBT characters into the company's films and if there was any idea of ​​creating a transgender superhero.

"Yes, certainly," he answered without hesitation. This year, the movie The Eternals will be the first of Marvel Studios with a gay character.

And, since 2019, was it rumored that Marvel Phase 4? What are the movies following the Avengers: Infinite War saga? would have a trans character.

Marvel also said that the movie The Eternals will have the first deaf superhero and that there will be an American superhero of Asian origin in the movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Inclusion for the public

"Look at the success of Captain Marvel and Black Panther. We want the films to reflect the audience and we want our entire worldwide audience to feel represented on screen," said Fiege.

In July last year, Geeks WorldWide said Marvel would be looking for a trans woman for a project that would be filmed in 2020.

Image: Marvel Studios via BBC

They pointed out that the only trans-superhero in Marvel's comic books is Sera, who took on a female identity after joining an all-male group of angels called Ancharites.

Sera lives in Thor's world, being held in a temple in Heven's kingdom until she meets Angela, Thor's half sister, and faces a series of adventures with her. Eventually Angela begins to express a romantic interest in Sera.

Thor's upcoming movie, Love and Thunder, is set to open in 2021.

Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, reveals what the character's priority will be. She was named King of the New Asgard by Thor in the latest Avengers movie.

"As a new king, she will have to find her queen," Thompson said, revealing that there will be an LBGT novel involving his character.

In the comic, Valkyrie identifies himself as bisexual. But before the new movie with Valkyrie comes out, The Eternals will be released in November 2020.

This movie, which depicts a competition between superpowered beings, will star Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden (Game Star's Rob Stark), Kit Harington, Kumail Najiani, Salma Hayek and Brian Tyree Henry, among others.

Kevin Fiege confirmed that The Forever will be the first Marvel movie to have a gay character.

"He's married, has a family and that's only part of who he is," Fiege said last year.



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