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Man Utd future should involve ‘winning trophies’ says Maguire

by ace

Date Posted: Tuesday 28 July 2020 4:26

Harry Maguire believes that the future of Man Utd should be about ‘winning trophies and Premier Leagues’ after winning third place on the last day of the season.

United managed to secure Champions League football for the next season, with a strong campaign final, beating Leicester 2-0 in the final game.

Speaking with MUTVMaguire said: “That’s why I joined this club. I joined this club to play in the Champions League.

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“What you see is a suitable Manchester United team, where we are not happy to fight for the top four, it is not us.

“The future is winning trophies and winning Premier Leagues. The main thing this season is seeing the improvement from last season, and it has been huge. “

United finished 66 points in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first full season in charge. It was also a time of great advancement for the graduates of the Brandon Williams academy and Mason Greenwood, who impressed fans with their performances throughout the campaign and who appear to be regularly on the main team.

Maguire had to silence skeptics this season, after United’s defense looked weak and easily defeated in a few weeks. His £ 80 million transfer from Leicester in the summer further increased the pressure.

Maguire continued: “We are realistic and we knew that we will not skip the total points we finished last season to win the Premier League. It is not possible, you have seen Leicester do this, but it is difficult.

“We set a goal of the top four as a minimum requirement, and we believed we could get there. We left late, but we got there in the end. “

The Red Devils will aim for four more submissions next season and will seek to strengthen the team in the summer. They are currently linked to Leicester City’s English international Ben Chilwell.

However, they will face stiff competition from Jose Mourinho’s Spurs and Frank Lampard’s Chelsea, who hope to join Liverpool and Man City at the top of the Premier League table.


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