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Macron exalted in Israel expels police from church

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Macron exalted in Israel expels police from church

The French President's visit to Israel was marked by an incident this Wednesday. Emmanuel Macron was exalted with the security forces and demanded that they abandon a Gallic church in Jerusalem.

In English with a perfect French accent, Emmanuel Macron said loud and clear to the policemen: “get out of here”.

At issue is an old dispute over the Church of Saint Anne, located in the old city of Jerusalem. The temple was at the epicenter of an identical incident with Jacques Chirac in 1996. The then French President even threatened to leave Israel immediately if security forces did not leave the church.

The Church of Santa Ana was handed over by the Ottomans to the French emperor Napoleon III in 1856, in compensation for aid in the Crimean war.

The temple is in charge of the Society of Missionaries of Africa and, even today, the Eucharist is celebrated in French.

France considers the presence of the Israeli police in the Church of Santa Ana to be a provocation and, this Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron was exalted.

“Everyone knows the rules. I didn't like what you did in front of me. Get out of here, ”said the French President, surrounded by security guards and other elements who accompanied the visit.

Then he lowered his voice and asked the police to go out into the street. “Sorry, you know the rules. Nobody has to provoke anyone ”, he appealed.

Speaking to reporters, Macron later said the incident was resolved by shaking hands with Israeli security personnel.

Macron is in Israel to participate in the 5th World Holocaust Forum.

Under the motto "Remembering the Holocaust, fighting anti-Semitism", the forum will take place on Thursday, at Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem, the institute for the study and preservation of the memory of the approximately six million victims of the genocide Nazi and the numerous Jewish communities destroyed during that period in Europe.



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