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Liberal Initiative to vote against Government Program

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Liberal Initiative to vote against Government Program

Elected Deputy of the Liberal Initiative, João Cotrim de Figueiredo, announces that he will vote against the Government Program, and reveals that his first proposals will be for tax relief before a parliament where he wants to sit in the middle, "as far from the extremes as possible. "

"We already know what the Socialist Party will want to do, it will not differ from what its campaign program was. The Liberal Initiative will always be a clear and firm opposition to socialism in Portugal, and socialism is understood by all measures that increase the power of the state and diminish the power of the people. As we know that the PS program goes in this direction, I do not take refuge in the protocol response, I already give the answer: we will vote against the Government program ", announces João Cotrim de Figueiredo.

In an interview with Lusa, Cotrim de Figueiredo also reveals that he wants to sit "as far from extremes as possible" in the plenary of the Assembly of the Republic, that is, sitting in the middle of the Chamber, saying that his party, founded in 2017 , has an "agnosticism" regarding the left-right division, which dates back to the French Revolution.

"We would like to be somewhere in a second dimension, because we don't see each other at all in this geometry, but the hemicycle is what it is, it will not be for us to do works, so all I can say is that we want to be the most far from the extremes possible, "he said, confirming that" the environment is the furthest. "

In the current legislature, the PAN (People-Animals-Nature), too, rejected the left-right division and chose to sit in the center of the chamber.

Cotrim de Figueiredo, manager and businessman, who was chairman of the Portuguese Tourism Board between 2013 and 2016, is no use how the Liberal Initiative will vote on the State Budget, but it is at this venue that the rookie party in parliament will "probably" present his first measures, the tax break that is the flag of the liberals, with a single IRS rate of 15%.

"This proposal has been seen alternately as a way of reducing taxes or a way of revolutionizing the way income taxes are thought. It does have one important aspect of tax relief, but it has, above all, two aspects. qualitative aspects that we attach most importance to: first, simplification, "he argues, pointing out that the number of hours spent submitting and verifying statements" has a brutal economic value and is not properly accounted for. "

The other aspect of the proposal is to combat talent leakage, with emigration to more fiscally attractive environments.

Cotrim de Figueiredo argues that Portugal is "losing talent", its "most qualified staff, entering the second, third, fourth year of their professional lives, and easily entering the third or fourth (IRS), where already have marginal rates of 38 or 40%. "

"It is impossible to start a family life with this kind of marginal rates. It is between one and a half or two times the rates they get in the countries they go to, making them not only have this need (to emigrate), but also The companies they are going to work for have to spend much less to pay them the same net value. So even then we are training people and then benefit from outside economies, "he says.

Cotrim de Figueiredo acknowledges that "understandings with PSD and CDS in economic matters will be" more likely than with PS ", but notes that" in other matters, perhaps, there are other, more natural alignments ", refusing a privileged platform of understanding with social democrats and centrists.

"We'll have to see case by case," he says.

In the decriminalization of assisted death, for example, the Liberal Initiative may vote on the left, although Cotrim de Figueiredo points out that everything depends on the "final wording", and on the other hand, on the other hand, claims to have "difficulty in framing "in liberal ideology" the idea of ​​contracting a pregnancy ".

On the conduct of bull races, he assumes that it involves "civilizational and animal rights aspects", which he states that the party is not insensitive, referring to a decision of the municipalities, since "the Taurine tradition is not equal in All country".

Cotrim de Figueiredo advocates a process of decentralization without the election or appointment of a level of regional power, which, he believes, would only create "a layer of apparatus and 'partidarite'" in the country.

In general, the Liberal Initiative agrees with the delegation of powers to municipalities that has been made by the PS Government, although it accompanies some criticisms of mayors regarding the delay in the transfer of resources in areas such as education, health and transport, he said.

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