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Largest ministry executive since 1976 and record number of ministers

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Largest ministry executive since 1976 and record number of ministers

The second executive led by António Costa will include 19 ministers, in addition to the prime minister, making him the largest in ministries of the 21 Constitutional Governments, and also having the most female ministers, out of eight.

According to the composition of government this Tuesday proposed by the Prime Minister and to which the President of the Republic has given consent, the executive will have a total of 19 ministers, two more than the first composition of the 21st António Costa Government and than the current government formation. The first composition of the 21st António Costa Government, which took office on November 26, 2015, comprised 17 ministers, in addition to the Prime Minister, which already made him one of the largest of the twenty Constitutional Governments since 1976, which averaged 16 ministries.

The last major government reshuffle, which took place on February 18 this year, held the number of ministers: 17, in addition to the prime minister.

The number of female ministers will double compared to the initial formation of the 21st Constitutional Government – from four to eight – and will have three more than the current government composition (there were five): Francisca Van Dunem (Justice) remains in the same portfolio. , Graça Fonseca (Culture), Fearful Marta (Health). Also minister will continue Mariana Vieira da Silva, who rises the minister of state, also staying with the area of ​​Presidency. From current secretaries of state rise to the ministers Alexandra Leitão (Modernization of the State and Public Administration), Ana Mendes Godinho (Labor, Solidarity and Social Security) and Maria do Céu Albuquerque (Agriculture) and there is a new minister: Ana Abrunhosa (Territorial Cohesion) ).

In the current government composition, the known direct family relations between the ministers of the former executive disappeared, with the departure of Ana Paula Vitorino (married to Eduardo Cabrita) and José Vieira da Silva (father of Mariana Vieira da Silva).

Until now, the biggest executive was the XVI Constitutional Government, led by Pedro Santana Lopes, which had 18 ministers, besides the Prime Minister. António Guterres's second executive (XIV) and Durão Barroso's (XV) executive had, besides the Prime Minister, 17 ministerial portfolios.

The smallest executive in the history of Portuguese democracy was the first PSD / CDS-PP majority government led by Pedro Passos Coelho who, when he took office on June 21, 2011, had only 11 ministers, plus the prime minister. However, by the end of the legislature, the executive already had a total of 15 ministerial portfolios.

You have to go back to the 1980s to find two nearly so small executives: Cavaco Silva's first government in 1985 and Francisco Sá Carneiro's government in 1980. The two executives led by social democrats had 14 ministers, including the first. -minister.

From the first and only woman to rule Portugal – Maria de Lurdes Pintasilgo, at the top of the fifth Constitutional Government hierarchy (1979) – the team with the largest number of female members had so far been chosen by socialist José Sócrates in his second from 2009 to 2011. Among the 16 ministers, there were five women: Ana Jorge (Health), Helena André (Labor and Social Solidarity), Isabel Alçada (Education), Dulce Bird (Environment and Spatial Planning) and Gabriela Canavilhas ( Culture).

The First Constitutional Government, led by the socialist Mário Soares, took office on July 23, 1976, after the victory in the legislative elections of April 25 of that year, had 16 portfolios, all assigned to men, with the particularity that the executive leader had also the foreign affairs guardian.

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