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La Casa de Papel resumes recordings and fans only think of Nairobi

by ace

The recordings of part 5 of La Casa de Papel were confirmed by Netflix to UOL. And, with it, the fans of the series hit joy. At the same time, the sadness for Nairobi, played by Alba Flores.

There are spoilers ahead, so just continue if you really want to know what happens to the character.

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Hope, unlike Nairobi, is the last to die

Incidentally, not only she, right?

I hate La casa de papel for killing Moscow, Berlin and Nairobi

? ?? (@sgrdjb) July 31, 2020

No one will overcome

We confuse even the series

I will never get over Nairobi’s death, even vis vis I call her Nairobi (which is her name in the paper house) veeeeei, best smp character I will call Nairobi, I refuse to call her Saray pic.twitter.com/jYW2IOHrJH

? Buttelli (@butchelli) July 31, 2020

Let us have a vengeance, at least

La Casa de Papel will end in the 5th season.
I hope they eliminate Arturito’s boring.

After killing Nairobi, it’s the least I hope for. pic.twitter.com/jEBNHwQngx

? Ana Elisa Teixeira (@lisanana) July 31, 2020

And some more requests

La Casa de Papel, thanks for being the best series of the decade.
Netflix, we have some last orders;
Please kill Arturo;
We want many scenes from Nairobi;
Don’t let Tokyo tell this story in jail;
Don’t kill them;

And … Bella Ciao pic.twitter.com/200VApMolF

? Mah (@Maaaaahgali) July 31, 2020

We don’t forget

I will NEVER get over the death of this incredible woman who is Nairobi !!!!
Even today when I watch the paper house there and see the scene it is heartbreaking !!!!! pic.twitter.com/APi9vCg4nX

? larissa hele (@ larissaaheleno71) July 31, 2020


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