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Jordan feuds with Raiola over Man Utd and ‘culture of division’

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Jordan feuds with Raiola over Man Utd and ‘culture of division’

Simon Jordan criticized Paul Pogba's agent, Mino Raiola, for "creating a culture of division" after the agent sent an "inflammatory" tweet about his client's situation at Manchester United.

Raiola responded negatively to comments by Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who noted that "Paul is our player and not Mino" before 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Monday.

Gary Neville asked Man Utd to stop negotiating with Raiola, to which the agent also responded via talkSPORT.

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While discussing various topics around Pogba on the radio, he was also involved in a heated discussion with former Crystal Palace president Jordan.

Here is the complete transcript of talkSPORT:

JORDAN: Mino, I'm listening to you and I'm trying to understand … you made an observation about journalists talking about players on the move and that it's a center of attention, but a journalist doesn't move players, agents move players …

RAIOLA: I don't think agents move players.

JORDAN: Of course you do Mino, that's what you do, that's your modus operandi, that's how you get paid. You move players.

RAIOLA: No, that is not what we do. I represent players, this is different from moving them. To move a player, if you are certain that the players belong to clubs, I cannot move a player without the club's permission.

JORDAN: But you can create a division, can't you? You create a culture of division. If you create a culture, both you and the player, that a player no longer wants to be in this club, there will really be only one transaction: when he goes, how much will you be paid and how much will he be paid.

RAIOLA: Listen to Mr. Jordan, this is the case here. It is not a question of Paul wanting to change, but Paul is committed only to Manchester United and the European Championship. After that, let's sit down with the club and see what the club wants.

JORDAN: But why & # 39; without comment & # 39; is not the best comment?

RAIOLA: Yes, but what's the problem if I have a comment?

JORDAN: Because it's not about you Mino! It's about the player and Man United. You are incidental; you work only for the player.

RAIOLA: I agree, I agree, it's not about me.

JORDAN: But you tweeted, Mino. You tweeted in a very divisive moment. Why is this about you? Why are you doing this to you?

RAIOLA: No, no, no, no, no.

JORDAN: You are! You post a tweet that is inflammatory, you know it is inflammatory, and you are reacting because you want to make an observation. If a player wants to make an observation, he makes that observation. So why does he need you to tweet about what Solskjaer said? Why are you getting involved? Why are you inserting yourself at the center of this?

RAIOLA: Because it was about me, Mr. Jordan, it wasn't about Paul.

JORDAN: No, it's about Man United claiming to have paid 90 million pounds for a player – of which you have a lot, that's the business you're in and whether I like it or not is incidental – but they paid this right. You have not earned this right and are paid by the player. Why can you comment on Man United's business? I don't understand Mino, I don't understand what you're trying to create. You are not creating a happy culture, you are creating a divided culture.

RAIOLA: I don't agree. I have not created any culture in recent years. But I don't have to defend myself here, the only need to explain is my player.

JORDAN: In the long game, you will, because if FIFA takes over you and starts regulating you properly …

RAIOLA It's okay to be regulated here, Mr. Jordan, I think you're confusing things now.

Jordan: No, you must be regulated, you must limit your fees and you can contribute financially to the welfare of football, there is a bigger picture here.

RAIOLA: That is your opinion.

JORDAN: Well, it's a good opinion and it's the opinion of most people who are sensible, not you, you, Jonathan Barnett and whoever you are.

RAIOLA: Well, Mr. Jordan, maybe everything should be limited, maybe transfers should be limited, maybe sponsor money should be limited, but we live in a free society, we live in a capitalist world, we don't live in a communist world.

By the way, Jordan, saying that a club can pay £ 90 million for a player's services is not correct, the club pays £ 90 million as a convenience to break a contract. This is the transfer. They don't buy a player, they don't buy a human being …

JORDAN: Oh, you're being pedantic! Man United has every right. If you pay for something, you have a sense of entitlement to it, and in that contract period, in the four years that he has it, you can say that it is there.

RAIOLA: So, in your business, do you own your employees? Do they belong to you?

JORDAN: This is very different, I don't pay £ 90 million to buy an employee! Don't be absurd! In the football business, he is an asset. He's a well-paid club.

JIM WHITE: A relevant question here is that Man United fans want to know why it seems that you and Pogba don't respect Man United as they should.

RAIOLA: Those are your words Jim. There is absolutely no way for me or Pogba not Man United. These are your words and they are not correct, Jim.



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